19 aug. 2016

Face of 16/08/16: Modern Morticia

I'm coming straight to your computer screen with a new Face of the Day! I keep saying I want to do these more often, but my camera thought it was a brilliant idea to incessantly keep making me look 10x more orange and darker than I actually am. The only thing that seems to keep the contrast right is a dark lip, so here we are!

The beauty of vacation is that you can play endlessly with your makeup and after an hour look into the mirror going "whoops, well that happened". It gives me so much creativity, I love it. You don't have to see anybody all day so you've got plenty of chance to play. Admittedly, this is not the most creative look I've ever done, but I thought it was worth a shot (literally), because why not.

Although the look was not done with a direct theme in mind, this Fyrinnae lip just screams Morticia to me, which is right up my alley. I like to consider Morticia my spirit animal. Unfortunately, we are and look absolutely nothing alike, but that's a minor detail. However, if anybody know where I can get one of her flowy dresses, let me know like yesterday.

A+ background

List of products (lawd help me, these photos were taken 2 months ago, but I think this is what I used):

p2 Green colour correcter primer thingy
Lucy Minerals foundation in Pale Olive
My Pretty Zombie Dr. Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust in Violet
Hello Waffle Blush Honey
Pumpkin&Poppy Oak Bark contour powder

Nars Smudge-Proof primer
Alverde Warm Vanilla (to set primer)
Hello Waffle Satin Pillow
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2
Blackbird Cosmetics Atlas
Fyrinnae Fire Opal & Rapunzel Had Extentions
Hello Waffle Emma (inner corner)
Rando Essence Mascara
Ardell Demi Whispies False Lashes

Catrice Starlight Espresso
NYX Control Freak eyebrow gel

Fyrinnae Vixen