4 aug. 2016

New love: Clean Cauldron Quench Moisturizer & Eyeshadow

... Is this happening? Am I dipping my toes into skincare? I'm afraid it is true and happening, friends. (Doesn't mean that I know anything about it, though).

Today I'm introducing you to the brand Clean Cauldron. Funfact: I just found out what 'cauldron' means in Dutch, after months of using their products, huehue. It means 'ketel'.
I came across this brand through iluvjesse444 on Youtube that mentioned the brand in a favourites video. I was using another moisturizer at the time that just didn't really cut it for dry winter skin, so I branched out into the indie world to find something that would give my cheeks baby-butt status.

Oh boy, how I found exactly that at Clean Cauldron. Review time!

Clean Cauldron review

Clean Cauldron review

First of all: ZHE PACKAGING. Of all the indies I've purchased from, this packaging is right up there in the top 3. Minor detail, but still, worthy of appreciation nonetheless.

Clean Cauldron review
Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

Time for Clean Cauldron's pi├Ęce de resistance in my humble opinion! The Quench moisturizer, which definitely lives up to its name. Oily skin beware, this is no walk in the park! It is jampacked with all kinds of lovely oils. I've researched the ingredients individually and there is nothing but good to find about them. Most of them known for their moisturizing properties, and some of them even work anti-inflammatory or anti-aging.

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils of Jasmine, Tee Tree, Sandalwood, and Frankincense, Carrot Seed Oil.

The ingredients didn't clog my pores, which I was really happy about. Some creams can make my pores feel a bit clogged, especially on my nose where it would feel bumpy - I know, it's gross, but bear with me one second will ya - but this one does not! Smooth noses for everyone, yayes.

It also didn't break me out or aggrivate the redness. If anything, it has made my skin look slightly less structured and smoother overall.

Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

Clean Cauldron Quench moisturizer review

The consistency is very special and not at all how you would expect it. I figured it would have an oily feel because of the ingredients. Think again! I don't know how it's possible, but it's nowhere near, say, the feel of coconut oil. It almost feels like melted white chocolate so some extent - without the gooey and sticky consistency. Very hard to explain, but oh my how lovely it feels on the skin!

Moreoever, it doesn't leave you shiney. It does give you some glow - look at my hand - but you won't look greasy afterwards. It makes my skin look velvety, even more when it had more time to sink in. It also looks really great underneath makeup.

But some of the best parts of this cream is the smell. Lawd!! It smells like yasmin, but it's not at all herbally. It's a very soft and delicate smell in which I - again - swear to detect a hint of white chocolate. Even though my skin is sensitive to smell, it didn't give me a reaction to this whatsoever.

I've already completely used up my first jar of this - yes, the jar that is pictured is all empty now! - and I'm still head over heels. I just got started on my second jar and a back is also already waiting for me. I'd say this 2 oz jar lasts you about 2 - 3 months (2 in the winter, 3 in the summer).

Clean Cauldron eyeshadow review swatch

Clean Cauldron eyeshadow review swatch: Clementine - Saturn - I Do Believe in Fairies
Clementine - Saturn - I Do Believe in Fairies

I also wanted to see what else the shop had to offer, so I tested the eyeshadows too! Viv (the owner) also very kindly threw in a full size! Thanks Viv!!

Clementine - a yellowed gold shade. This one was more sheer and sparklier than the others. I'm not sure if this was meant as a stand-alone eyeshadow, but I figured it would work better as a shadow topper.
Saturn - a beige champagne shade. This one blended in with my skin completely, haha! It just makes my skin look more shimmery it seems. Even though the colour gets eaten by my skin, the formula was surprisingly nice! Very smooth and still pigmented.
I Do Believe in Fairies - a neutral medium brown with golden shimmer. Maybe not the most exciting shade, it really makes for a lovely neutral. The formula was again really nice and the same as Saturn.

I'm afraid that at the time of writing the eyeshadows are being discontinued, so I'm afraid they are no longer available any time soon (but they're still there, be quick!). But in case you, reader from the future (how's the future by the way?! Do you have flying cars?) can't get your hands on them any longer: I still wanted to show this review to give an idea how the quality is with other products that the Clean Cauldron makes, just to see how consistent it is, if that makes sense. I'm sorry if I'm being a total buzzkill right now.

Clean Cauldron review

In my opinion, this is moisturizer is the answer to all dehydrated winter skin (and summer skin for that matter). It gets rid of dryness in no time and makes your skin reminiscent of those 90's dresses because it looks like VELVET, baby!* 

I never got around to reviewing it, but I also received a lip balm as a gift with purchase and it's amazing too, although my boyfriend is even more in love with it than I am (he can't resist coconut). Although the eyeshadows are discontinued now, I was also very impressed with those. All in all: the Clean Cauldron gets a double thumbs up from me and you can rest assured ordering from Viv!

Quench full size: $8
Quench sample: $2

Shipping to the Netherlands was very decent, by the way!

Background picture was courtesy of my college book Janson's History of Art! A very expensive book, so I figured I'd give it a second life as a blog background to get my moneys worth. You'll be seeing more art backgrounds in the future! This particular painting was by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (say that 3 times fast), titled "Souvenir de Mortefountaine". 

* = that was really far fetched. I'm sorry.

All opinions are my own. I'm not affiliated with the Clean Cauldron in any way. I purchased everything with my own money.