7 okt. 2016

Lipsync For Your Life - Product I want to use up: an Introduction #1

Can you tell I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race? Because I have been. A lot. So I decided I wanted to name a new series on my blog after the show. If you've seen my latest post, you probably know that I want to buy less products and use my stash (I suggest you give it a read as it shows the direction my blog is going). There are 1) things that I want to keep no matter what ("Shante you stay"), 2) things that I will destash because I can not see myself using them ("Sashay away") and 3) products that are not my favourite but have so little product left that I will just use them up, after which I decide if I will repurchase them or not ("Lipsync for your life").

I wanted to name this series something else than "project pan" because real talk, these jars don't have a pan, haha! They have either stuff inside of them or not, no way around it, so I came up with different names! I hope it's not too confusing. I found it appropriate since drag queens go through makeup like water.

If you have no idea what the names of the categories mean, I highly suggest you watch RuPaul's Drag Race - also amongst other reasons because it's amazing.

This category is about the third group. They are pretty so I won't have issues using them up, so I won't destash them (hence the "you stay"). After I've used them up I will decide if I will repurchase them or not, hence the "lipsync for your life": this is their last chance to impress me.

"So good luck, and don't fuck it up."

The contestants are:

  • Silk Naturals - Sonic
  • Pure Luxe Cosmetics - Moon Glow
  • Silk Naturals - Flirt
  • Silk Naturals - Maybe Baby
  • Silk Naturals - Spotlight
  • Silk Naturals - Sleep in a Jar
  • Silk Naturals - Close-up
  • Addictive Cosmetics - Whiteout (not pictured because I'm a forgetful idiot)
(This list does not derive from a hate for Silk Naturals or anything, it's just that they have these handy dandy - yet space occupying - $1 sample jars that don't have a lot of product in them, making them perfect for these type of situations) 

Swatches of the first 4

Silk Naturals - Sonic / Pure Luxe Cosmetics - Moon Glow / Silk Naturals - Flirt / Silk Naturals - Maybe Baby
Silk Naturals - Sonic / Pure Luxe Cosmetics - Moon Glow / Silk Naturals - Flirt / Silk Naturals - Maybe Baby

I show the jars from the side you can get a better idea how much is left. It makes it easier to compare later on when I do an update.

To make the powder completely 'flat' in the jar I dropped it from 2 cm above the ground a couple of times. That evens it out nicely!

Silk Naturals - Sonic eyeshadow

This is a magical little jar right here. It's a dupe for MAC Vanilla and if you know me longer than today you might know that I hoard Vanilla dupes. But man, I have so many Vanilla dupes now, it's not even funny. I have like 7 at least. So I figured I have to make a dent in it.

This jar is not a sample but it's a full size eyeshadow, so there's quite a lot left. It may not look like it because it's a tiny ass jar, but this stuff is potent. I will use this as a face highlighter and/or an eyeshadow if I fancy.

Pure Luxe Cosmetics - Moon Glow

What is this? Wait a minute... another Vanilla dupe? Yeps folks, that's right. I have no idea how I'm going to use 2 jars of basically the same shade, but I'm going to try.

There's less left of Moon Glow than Sonic but it is even more potent than Sonic, so yeah. I'm doomed.

Silk Naturals - Flirt

Don't laugh! Again, it might not look like much, but I only ever use the tiniest amount of blush you can think of, so this amount of product may last me at least about 5 times.

Flirt is a really pretty rose pink shade with a hint of plum. It's one of my favourite blush shades I have some Silk Naturals. The formula on these is pretty nice, but I wouldn't say it's exceptional or anything.

Silk Naturals - Maybe Baby

This blush is a dupe for MAC's Blush Baby. It's pretty, but slightly too red for my liking. There's about the same amount left as Flirt. It makes for a great neutral so it's easy to just throw on mah face.

Swatches of the last 4

Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar - Extra Light Peach / Silk Naturals - Spotlight / Silk Naturals - Close Up / Addictive Cosmetics - Whiteout
Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar - Extra Light Peach / Silk Naturals - Spotlight / Silk Naturals - Close Up / Addictive Cosmetics - Whiteout
(I'm sorry, I couldn't capture the shades correctly for the life of me, but it gives an impression.)

Silk Naturals - Sleep in a Jar in Extra Light Peach

This was okay. It's supposed to be an undereye concealer, but it was too light for me to properly tell if it did anything or not. I might order a darker shade if I order from Silk Naturals again. The formula was actually nice and not too drying, but I wish the colour was more pigmented.

I have used this a few times as a matte facial highlighter in the past, which is why there's a laughable amount left. I'm sure this one if the first to go.

Silk Naturals - Spotlight

Real talk: I've never used this. Not because there's anything wrong with the product, I just don't reach for pink highlighters (exception is my beloved Awoke at Dawn by Hello Waffle). Luckily, this isn't overwhelmingly pink so I won't hate using this up.

Silk Naturals - Close-up

A dupe for MAC Lightscapade MSF. I own both and I prefer Close-up by lightyears. It's just still not what I'm looking for; I found it a bit hard to blend. I found it's better when applied with my fingers though (lol), so I'm going to use it like that. The shade is absolutely spot-on to Lightscapade though.

Funny thing is, I've used this one more than Spotlight, but it looks like there's the same amount of product left. Just goes to show that a little goes a long way with these things!

Addictive Cosmetics - Whiteout eyeshadow

Yes, this is one product, but I've depotted it. I wanted to use this eyeshadow up as a facial highlighter - that moment you're so pale that white is the only proper highlighting shade for you - so a bigger jar was more convenient. I've been wanting the Manic Panic powder in Virgin - basically a stark white - since ages but I don't allow myself to buy it until this thing is all gone. I actually really like it for as a facial highlight. It doesn't look cakey on the skin, although it is a bit too stark in some lighting.

There's nothing wrong with this eyeshadow. It's a stark white that can be build up to be completely opaque and the formula is dreamy. It's just that I have way too many white eyeshadows so I'm working on it!