11 nov. 2016

Bite Beauty lipstick in 'Squid Ink' - Yep, it's blue

Hi friends!

Having experienced the horror of yesterday (writing this on Thursday), I felt like it was time for some Distraction Action and write a blog post. And what better subject to pick than a blue lipstick, y'all! The colour of the Democrats. Hillary's battle will be mourned.

Also, I bought this lipstick in the ever so holy place that is Sephora, in New York City earlier this year. If you've never been in an American Sephora, oh boy, are you missing out! And American readers of my blog: you don't know how lucky you are.

This particular lipstick is by Bite Beauty in the shade Squid Ink. Me, being unsuspectingly, tried this seemingly black lipstick on my face, and in the mirror the perfect navy lipstick - that I've been looking for for years - stared back at me. It was love at first sight.

I also bought this blue handmade(!) glass in a shop in NYC. HOW PRETTY?!

This was my first time encountering a Bite Beauty product. I've heard many people rave about their products on Youtube for quite some time now, so I'm thrilled to have tried the brand out myself. The brand is know for their foodgrade ingredients (hence 'Bite'), but it does mean that the shelf life is shorter. But hey, if you're in for a snack and can't find any chocolate, this might me the perfect (and most expensive) munchie.

The packaging is gorgeous and classy. A black matte bullet with an odd part missing from the tip - a bite?! Anyhow, gorgeous.

On application, a pleasant citrus-type of scent flatters your nostrils. I'm not the biggest citrus person, but it's not at all sharp and sweet enough for me to like it. Oh, and it also tastes delicious too. Making the biting-part extra hard to resist.

Sigh. Look at it, friends. It's perfect. It's the most fantastic dark navy blue with the tiniest bit of a teal undertone. It's pretty dark, and may seem black in some lighting. It's surprising how flattering blue lipstick can be. If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest you do!

Equally as great as the colour is the formula. You guys. I've sworn I'd only ever wear matte finishes but this satin finish lipstick has stolen my heart. Dare I say, this is the most comfortable lipstick I've ever worn. I remember the first time I applied it - my lips were dry and chapped, but after I put this on, my lips were so soft and so moisturized. Yet, it's not shiny at all and still can be blotted down easily.

It's not transfer-proof, but it lasts a really long time. I even survived some tacos. But in case reapplication is needed, it is a pleasant experience. It doesn't cake up like matte lipsticks can do, but it just adds more moisture (I do personally use a lip liner with it - just a blue eyepencil).

Can you hear angels sing? Because I sure as hell can.

Face swatch

Full face (all nice and dark hehe, but the colour is true to nature)

In case you can't tell, I'm completely head over heels with this lipstick. Bite Beauty has blown me away with their quality. The colour is gorgeous, the formula is out of this world, it's incredibly comfortable... The only downside is the fact that its shelf life isn't as long as regular lipsticks, which can be a problem, especially with 'out there' lipsticks. But to me, it's only a bigger motivation to use it more.

I can highly recommend Bite's lipsticks. It ain't cheap ($26) but I definitely think they are worth it, especially if you want to invest in a staple piece.

Available at an American Sephora store or

What's your favourite 'weird' lipstick shade?