6 mrt. 2017

Indie review!: Heroine Cosmetics

A new indie company will be discussed today! Heroine Cosmetics opened their doors in May 2016. The collections are inspired by old-skool comics (Batman, Daredevil, Black Cat to name a few, or general vintage comics) and have a geeky vibe.

Although I'm not an avid comic reader myself - and consequently am completely clueless about the references - I appreciate the coherent theme and I think comic fans will eat their heart out!

Upon opening, the owner provided samples for bloggers. Naturally, I wanted to spread the word and see if they were any good and feel like a pro blogger for once. I'm here today to report!

Will they be as fly as Superman or get caught in Spiderman's web? (I tried.)

I got sent 6 samples, chosen randomly!

From the Believers and Skeptics collection I received: It's Me and The Truth is Out There.

From the Beneath the Sea collection: Sunken Treasure.

From the 25 cent Comics collection (my personal favourite!): Antihero and Villainous.

From the Vigilantes collection: Crime Fighter,

Let's get swatchin'! All matte shades were swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, the shimmery shades over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

Heroine cosmetics The Truth Is Out There - Villainous - Antihero
The Truth Is Out There - Villainous - Antihero
The Truth Is Out There: a medium forrest green with silver shimmer. The shimmer doesn't stand out too much without primer. Very unique shade!

Villainous: grass green shade, though it's fairly bright. Applied smooth over primer. I was impressed with this one!

Antihero: bright medium cool purple. Same as Villainous, I was impressed to see such a bright shade apply so smoothly. This combined with Villainous is straight-up Joker.

Heroine cosmetics TVillainous - Antihero - Sugarpill Poison Plum
Villainous - Antihero - Sugarpill Poison Plum

I was wondering how Antihero compared to the other bright purple in my collection, Sugarpill's Poison Plum. Poison Plum is definitely more pink and warmer.

Crimefighter: a dark cool purple, almost blurple with silver/blue sparkles. I thought this shade was shimmery so I put it over Pixie Epoxy d'oh. I was not super impressed with this shade, it was a hint patchy (over bare skin, I'm going to ignore the primer part). Plus, matte shades with sparkles are set up for failure: it's either matte and the sparkles don't show up, or (if applied over a sticky base) the sparkles show up but the base is patchy.

Sunken Treasure: beautiful golden brown. Of the shimmer shades, this one was the smoothest!

It's Me: a soft shimmery red with a hint of brown. Also quite rare! Most indie reds tend to run more true red. Also very smooth.

Heroine Cosmetics Crimefighter - Sunken Treasure - It's Me
Crimefighter - Sunken Treasure - It's Me

Heroine Cosmetics Crimefighter - Sunken Treasure - It's Me
In direct sunlight, to show the shimmer!

I wanted to make a Joker-inspired look, since the shades were perfect for that! Villainous on the lid with Antihero in the crease, and Crimefighter is my eyeliner. The eyeshadows were unexpectedly easy to work with. As I said, anything bright can be quite a pain in the ass, I was happily surprised!

Overall, I'd happily recommend Heroine Cosmetics for those that are interested. The overall theme of the brand is very original and well done, and the quality of eyeshadows was surprisingly good. I think the shade range is fairly unique too - and for indie eyeshadows, that says something. I had a few interactions with the owner as well and she was a pleasure to deal with.

My personal favourites of the samples I received are Villainous, Antihero and Sunken Treasure as I thought the quality of these was the best.

Yep, this store gets my seal of approval!

Check 'em out on their site!

What are your thoughts on this company?